YouTube Royalty Couples Jamie and Nikki Perkins Have Officially Gone Their Separate Ways

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YouTube royalty couples Jamie and Nikki Perkins have officially gone their separate ways after 6 years of being married and it is really sad that things have gone the way they did. 

The couple took to their YouTube channel to break this news on the 20th of August. 

Jamie Perkins is an Australian videographer/photographer and musician who shares a joint YouTube channel called Jamie and Nikki with his wife Nikki Perkins. The channel has earned over 1.8 million subscribers.

Nikki Perkins, sister to Duckie Thot, is a Sudanese model and social-media celebrity. She grew up in Australia and is a known face in the fashion industry, as she has modelled for several top-notch brands and designers.

Being an ex-model, Nikki has always kept things fashionable. She keeps her style very casual, relatable and never going over the top.

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