Photos: World’s Most Expensive Shoes Embellished With Diamond For N6.1bn

If you have money to rock these expensive shoes, you can just go be fabulous with it. If you are one of these footwear lovers who love to rock stilettos, pumps, wedges and many other designs, Jada Dubai has got you.

Jada Dubai created the most expensive shoe in the world, a striking pair of heels made from silk, gold patent leather embellished with 236 diamonds. The diamonds were provided by Passion Jewellers.

That’s not all, theses shoes also feature a 15 carat flawless D diamond at the tip of each pair and real gold labels inside.

The shoe which is called the Passion Diamond has been put on sale for $17 million (N6.1bn). A prototype which took about nine months to make has gone on display at the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab.

According to Mirror, about 50 VIP guests were invited to view the shoes at the launch in Dubai.

Before the Passion Diamond shoes were released, the United Kingdom designer Debbie Wingham made the most expensive shoes which were sold for 11.5 million pounds.

At the launch, the co-founder of Jada Dubai Maria Majari said: “We wanted to create a truly unique piece. Jada Dubai designs only shoes with diamonds.