LADIES: 20 Things To Look Out For In A Woman’s Handbag

There are certain items you are guaranteed to find in a woman’s handbag.

Think of it as the essential things every woman carries about.

We decided to put together a list of the 20 most common items;

1. Makeup

Every lady always has some makeup or a makeup purse in her bag, so she can touch up her face anytime and remain flawless.

2. Rubber bands/hair bands

Rubber bands are super useful and are always handy for hair related issues.

3. Hand sanitizer/Hand lotion

Hand sanitizer is very common in ladies bags, especially after the ebola saga.

4. Tissue paper

Tissue paper always comes handy!

5. Pads

For the days when periods decide to pay you a surprise.

6. Drugs

Just in case period cramps show up!

7. Hair Brush/Comb

For the times you need to smoothen your hair and make it look presentable.

8. Notebook

A notebook to jot random thoughts.

9. Pens.

10. Old receipts

Sometimes, you’d find old receipts from trips to the ATM and stores.

11. Keys

There’s always a bunch of keys somewhere in the bag.

12. Debit cards

Debit cards are also pretty common, especially for those trips to the ATM.

13. Mirror

Sometimes it’s a small mirror, other times, it’s the mirror that comes with some powder.

14. Purse

For loose change and everything in between.

15. Sunglasses

For the days when the sun is on another level.

16. Earphones

Because listening to music on the go is fun.

17. Charger

Need we say more?

18. Chewing gum

For fresh breath always.

19. Power bank

Because PHCN is unreliable and phones can off anytime.

20. Perfume

Perfumes help ladies smell beautiful all day!