BREAST IN SHOW? Bare breasts Are The Latest Trend On The Catwalk At Fashion Week… But Would You Dare To Wear This Clobber?

One of the biggest trends this year has been for models to discard bras and flash their nipples on the catwalk

VAGINA wigs, severed heads and handbags carried by drones – the 2018 Fashion Week shows have featured a number of bizarre stunts.

A model walks the runway at the Krizia show during Milan Fashion Week

Numerous designers opted for the bare breast look in shows taking place in London and Milan.

Some of the models could be seen subtly revealing their breasts in lavish dresses, meanwhile other outfits made the braless look centre stage.

One of the shows that completely exposed the breast of a model was the Krizia show in Milan.

The collection included a red, sheer outfit, with a coat draped loosely around the model, revealing her chest.

Model Marjan Jonkman wore this daring look at the Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini show in Milan

During the Alberta Ferretti show in Milan, this model donned a completely sheer top

The trend is following the recent surge in people campaigning for the Free the Nipple movement.

This is a “global campaign of change, focused on the equality, empowerment and freedom of all human beings” and takes issue with the fact women’s nipples are considered taboo, whereas men’s aren’t.

Models at New York fashion week stunned crowds after going down the catwalk wearing bizarre vagina WIGS.

Designer Kaimin caused a stir with dressing the models with hairy, pubic accessories in all shapes and colours – with some resembling tiny mohawks.

The hairy vagina wigs are not actually new in the fashion world, and are known as “merkins” that date back to the 1600s.

And fashion lovers were shocked at Gucci’s bizarre catwalk show that saw models strut their stuff carrying fake heads.

Source: The sun