Tips: Quickly Build Your Fan Base


VIDEO: Dammy Krane – Shaku Shaku

BUILD fan base for your career either you are good or not just make sure you have sure fans that will surely download your song after recording from studio they will really help your carrier be humble to people and always be yourself as an artist you are not supposed to be posting about fuel subsidy or crisis going in your area it does not consign you always update your followers about yourself don’t post in your timeline the father that sleep with his daughter just to attract fans?

No, is not normal have even seen an artist on one of my social media that snap himself node during recording just to become known?

you can’t manipulate fans they wiser than any other thing, present yourself wisely before them update nice post and don’t let it too much at list twice per day is okay some artist irritate there followers because every seconds you broadcast your song no stop that they get mad about that and don’t just raise fake news about yourself to them because your helper might be among them respect them as your customer which you are expecting backing up from them.

Honor them when you are chatting with them don’t call them my fans it seems to them you are kidding them respect every one of them as you respect your elderly person at home that’s why I love Nigerian politicians, they behave as “mumu” to get your vote.

I hope you can get me now shey? just do as Nigeria politician to them and gain what you want to and get out add new people to your social media don’t wait until they hear your song and they decide to follow you show them care first you are the one that need help from them and always go after female fans once you win girls heart man don’t have choice they have hear your song too by all means


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