Talented Child Actress Emmanuella Rocks Brazilian Hair For The First Time (Photos)

Everyone in Nigeria loves Emmanuella, the young comedian who quickly captured the hearts of millions. She can make people smile without even making any jokes.  Just recently Emmanuella was caught wearing a human hair. And it seem the child Actress is upgrading.  Though the hair is big on her head, she looks beautiful on it.

Now, you will have an opportunity to learn who is Emmanuella and how she achieve success at such a young age! Who is Emmanuella the comedian? You probably had a lot of questions when you first saw this smiling little girl on YouTube. “Who is she?” probably was the first question you could have asked. Emmanuella is a natural talent, who has been coming up with jokes since she was little. She never struggles to make people laugh like there is no tomorrow.

She has been getting a lot of love from Nigerians and people from other countries for making them smile and laugh genuinely. Her YouTube videos quickly gained loads of views and made so many people into devoted Emmanuella’s fans. So, are you ready to find out even more information about the child prodigy who makes us all feel a little happier when we watch her videos? Of course, you are! What is Emmanuella real name? The full birth name of Emmanuella is Emmanuella Samuel.

but nowadays many people just know her by her first name. She was born on July 22nd, 2010, which means she is only eight years old right now. She first rose to prominence when she was only six, and people appreciated her outstanding sense of humor, smart personality and creative side. So many young girls wanted to be like her, and a lot of parents decided to pursue the talents of their children to make them achieve similar success.

Emmanuella truly became an inspiration to thousands of people. Which state is Emmanuella from? The prominent child comedian comes from Imo State. However, her place of birth was Port Harcourt in River State. Actually, Emmanuella was born into a family which already had its stars. She has close connections to the comedian Mark Angel.