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Kannywood Actor And Singer, Adam Zango Set For His 6th Marriage

In Africa, it is part of our tradition for men to take more than one wife but education and exposure has helped reduce such practices.

However, some people still take the tradition very seriously despite their level of exposure. Kannywood actor and singer, Adam A. Zango, is reportedly set to take a sixth wife.

The wedding is set to hold on May 3, 2019, at the Emir of Gwandu Central Mosque in Gwandu, Kebbi State.

The handsome actor is getting ready to tie the knot for the sixth time with one Safiya Umar Chalawa.

Prior to this upcoming union, Zango has a total of six children from his previous five marriages with the oldest among them being 12 years old.

However, it was also gathered that the film star divorced his first five wives before getting ready to take a sixth.

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