2face Idibia’s Wife and Baby Mama Reconcile

Surely, all we need is one love. These were the thoughts that probably flashed through 2face Idibia’s mind as he broke down in tears at seeing his wife Annie Idibia hug his baby mama Pero Adeniyi.

In a series of videos uploaded on Instagram, 2face can be seen breaking down in tears as both women reconcile after almost two years of feuding.

Pero Adeniyi is the mother to three of 2face’s 7 children. It is reported that Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi were best of friends before a couple of disagreements drove a wedge between them.

By the looks of the video and the tears on 2baba’s face, it is safe to say that one love has finally prevailed.


Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi have been beefing for quite some time now with both ladies failing to see eye-to-eye. Three years ago, a picture surfaced showing 2face sharing a kiss with Pero. Reacting to the picture, the singer labeled it as the work of his detractors.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Our love does not have 2 make sense 2 u. pls go on with your perfect life and know the true story behind something before u judge and start making nasty comments based on an orchestrated story by some blog. U shall know the truth and the truth shall set u free. LYTID (Love you till I die) uwana idibia” 

When Annie Idibia was confronted with the news, she made it clear that Pero poses no threat to her union with 2face.

“I am aware of the photo’s circulating the Internet with my husband and Pero Adeniyi. I want to state officially that I was not in that space at that time and therefore there was no confrontation between myself and Pero Adeniyi.”

“Pero Adeniyi and this momentary indiscretion poses no threat whatsoever to my relationship with my husband. As a matter of fact for all of our children’s’ sake, I do encourage cordial relationships with parties involved.”

“This year, my focus is solely on God, Family and my Career which doesn’t give me the luxury of paying attention to any distractions.”